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8th Americas Conference on Information Systems

August 9-11, 2002, Dallas, Texas, USA


This mini track built on the success of the 2001 mini track on "Virtual Communities". In 2001, a large number of submissions addressed a variety of aspects in the field of Virtual Communities. To follow up, we decided to drill down into the subject by focusing on collaboration in Virtual Communities. This included the issue of interaction design within and among customer communities and the social, political and economic impacts of customer collaboration and the platforms and services that facilitate customer collaboration.

We called for papers that address customer collaboration in E-Business. The use of electronic media for economic transactions adds a new potential to the vendor-buyer relationship. It gives the customer a voice, an input channel where he or she can participate in a number of activities such as product development, feedback, support for other customers, recommendations, sharing of digital goods etc. This can be an active participation or simply an indication of preferences shown in the interaction with the platform or the service. The structuring and organization of this participation may empower the customers and may result in new kinds of dynamics in collaboration.

Possible Topics

Possible Topics included the following:

  • Customer communities, transaction-oriented Virtual Communities and Customer Innovation Communities
  • Business models for customer collaboration
  • Storing and using the potentials of customer profiles: permission marketing, personalization and recommender systems, web data mining
  • Peer-to-peer architectures for customer collaboration
  • Interface, product and service design for customer collaboration
  • Social, political and economic impact of customer collaboration
  • Service architecture and community dynamics

AMCIS 2002 Papers

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