Empirical study on Communities of Practice and E-commerce: influence of community of practice on pricing on eBay

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Halbana Tarmizi, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Lotfollah Najjar, University of Nebraska at Omaha


Virtual communities as well as e-commerce have gained on importance in people daily life. The percentage of e-commerce sales in US retails has increase from 0.8 percent in 1st quarter of 2000 to 2.2 percent of total retail sales in 1st quarter of 2005. Most notably, eBay has become the largest person-to-person online market. At the same time increasing number of people, based on their shared interests, participate voluntarily in various virtual communities of practice. However, empirical studies regarding influences of those COPs toward e-commerce are still rare. For this reason, the purpose of our study is to find out how COP could influence e-commerce. We particularly look at empirical evidence of COPĀ“s influence on pricing on eBay. At the end we discuss how COPs could be helpful for those who involve in e-commerce.


Communities of practice, online community, electronic commerce, eBay, online pricing



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